New surgical suite and intensive care unit

Type of construction: modular operating rooms
State of work: Completed
Date of completion: December 2018

Operamed has built a new surgical block with six general surgery prefabricated operating rooms of about 50 sqm, one hybrid room of about 70 sqm and one robotic room of about 60 sqm. Connected to the operating rooms, new ancillary rooms like sterilization, storage, induction room and scrub area have been designed overlooking a common inner corridor. Thanks to the experience of Operamed staff, it has been possible to optimize the layout of the rooms and to integrate brand new facilities and all the latest medical technologies available on the market.

Each operating room has the following characteristics:

  • Fire resistance for 60 minutes also for the lead shielded automatic sliding doors.
  • TrueSpace prefabricated modular wall system cladding with antibacterial powder coated stainless steel finish.
  • Modular TrueSpace Airtight metal false ceiling, designed to cover critical areas where high performances on air and dust tightness are required, integrated with lighting and ventilation systems.

  • PVC floor, homogeneous and resistant material allowing static dissipative control.

  • Air ventilation modules with ventilation grilles.

  • Technical panels with different colors.

  • Glass panels with high-resolution digital print with decorations representing the most beautiful Oman’s landscapes humanizing the spaces and making them more welcoming.

  • Glazed modules for the display monitors in different sizes.

  • Room control panel with touchscreen monitor.

    Particular attention has been paid to the hybrid room shielded with lead sheet 1 mm thick and equipped with specific supplies.