Domus Nova Clinic – Ravenna


Operating rooms renovation

Type of construction: Modular operating room
State of work: Completed
Date of completion: November 2019
Client: Domus Nova

For this project, Operamed has renovated a block with four prefabricated operating rooms using the TrueSpace modular wall systemcladding. The prefabricated operating rooms were made with Corian DuPont finish, with modular panels 12 mm thick, the maximum in terms of quality, durability and ease of cleaning. Each operating rooms has a shielding for prefabricated walls made with lead sheet 1 mm thick, used for shielding against ionizing radiation.

Inside this operating room there are: technical modules in different colors, glazed modules for the display monitors, glazed modules with high-resolution digital print inserts, led illumination, airtight false ceiling with inspection panel and HPL laminated doors.

The combination of these elements gives elegance and comfort to the staff who daily works in that space.