European Institute of Oncology – Milan


Operating room renovation

Type of construction: Modular operating room
State of work: Completed
Date of completion: January 2016
Owner: IEO
Client: IEO

The prefabricated operating room have been made with the TrueSpace modular wall system. The operating room has a Corian DuPont slab finish, with modular panels 12 mm thick. This system allows easy and quick installation and inspection as well as ensuring the maximum

quality, durability and ease of cleaning. Wall panels have been provided with Glacier White blind modules, technical modules in different colors, integrated glazed modules for the display monitors in different sizes and with high-resolution digital print inserts and stainless-steel furniture (cabinets, passboxes).

The combination of these elements gives elegance and comfort to the staff who daily works in that space. On the remaining side, near the entrance, it has been inserted vertical control room module and glazed module for Workstation 24’’with keyboard used to manage hospital application of the operating room. 

Special attention has been paid to the air ventilation module with Corian DuPont ventilation grille.