Oncology and Hematology Center – Reggio Emilia


Oncology and Hematology Center Reggio Emilia
4 endoscopic operating rooms and a hybrid room

Type of construction: Operating Rooms
State of work: Completed
Date of completion: May 2017

Realization of the new CORE gastroenterology block, consisting of 4 endoscopic rooms and a hybrid room

For the realization of these advanced endoscopy sales, the best technologies in the market have been chosen. The TrueSpace Wall pre-fabrication system has a Corian DuPont self-supporting slab finish 12 mm thick in a soft color combined with specialist wall-mounted, stainless steel.

For this project, special stainless steel inspection panels were also designed and a counter with a specially designed washbasin for customer specifications.

The TrueSpace Modular Countertop Hermetic Ceiling is integrated with the low power LED lighting system and the air diffusers to ensure uniform finishing and perfect surface complanarity.

The largest hybrid room accommodates an innovative robotized angiograph that required screen shielding. Environmental lighting requirements have led to the creation of special windows with lead shielded glass, perfectly integrated into the walls and easily cleanable.

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