TModule – Veneto hospitals


Thirteen triage units for Veneto hospitals

Type of construction: TModule Triage units
State of work: Completed
Date of completion: Dicembre 2021

Azienda Zero has commissioned Operamed and Radar to install thirteen triage modules to helpt he hospitals of the Venetian health authority (ULSS) in the fight against Covid-19. The TModule Modular Care Units were created in collaboration with GiPlanet using the most advanced technologies and have served 13 hospitals across the Veneto region. The project included three different sizes of prefabricated modules (80, 120 and 200 square meters), equipped with independent systems made with modular structures that can be customized according to the specific requests of the site.

These modules are used for different purposes in relation to the pandemic crisis and the needs of each hospital. The structure was delivered to the customer on a turnkey basis, complete with external envelope, internal Truespace prefabricated walls, prefabricated technical floors, airtight inspectable false ceilings and technical systems. The construction technology was chosen to allow construction in about 20 working days in order to be immediately available for use by hospitals.