Touchless Medical Image Navigation
Touchless Medical Image Navigation: touchless interaction with a medical image (DICOM) viewer.

The term “Touchless Medical Image Navigation” refers to an ensemble of devices, software, cables, Interfaces/sockets and accessories that allows touchless interaction with a medical image (DICOM) viewer.

The interface has been designed specifically for touchless control to simplify control and optimize interaction time. Usage of the system shall be limited to specialized medical and paramedical staff. According the the Medical Device Directive 93/42, the system should be a medical device, classified at least as class 2a.

The touchless DICOM navigation system shall allow for the following functionalities:

  • Patient selection from a picklist
  • Studies and series navigation
  • Series selection
  • Image scrolling
  • Zoom and pan
  • Measures
  • Studies and series navigation
  • 3D reconstruction : Axial, Sagittal, Coronal
  • 3D Volume Rendering

  • Windowing : manual and with preset

    In order to minimize data transfer time from the PACS, relevant data shall be prefetched before the intervention on a dedicated data storage.

The system shall then be able to load an entire patient dataset in less than 10 seconds for 5000 images. In the case of multiple clients, the number of PACS connection shall be limited to one.