Raised floor
TrueSpace Floor can be finely adjusted to accommodate any floor height

The frame is comprised of pedestals which can be finely adjusted to accommodate any floor height. It is supplied with special adhesives to anchor it to the existing floor. The core of our patented steel panel is made of calcium sulphate or wood fibreboard, and catalysed resins.
Its six sides are covered with sheet steel. The panel is sealed with a top parametric joint to ensure its carrying capacity and its resistance against shocks is maintained in exposed areas. The top finish is made of 4-mm thick electrostatic dissipative or conductive PVC.


  • 25% weight reduction
  • Over 50% reduction in installation time on site, compared to traditional screeds.
  • It bears high loads, both point and dynamic (weight capacity: 2,000kg/sq.m.).
  • Excellent reduction of impact sound, as well as air-borne sound between floors and connecting rooms.
  • High thermal insulation index.
  • Height adjustable between min. 7 cm and max. 150 cm


The TrueSpace floor solution simplifies the installation process because it:

  • is placed directly on the unscreeded concrete slab by bonding the joists to it.

  • replaces the traditional screed and creates a useful clear area where services (power supply, mechanical systems, gas supply, etc.) can be accommodated.
  • is accessible and readily serviceable whenever system implementation and maintenance are needed