Prefabricated modular wall
The modular, interchangeable and removable 100mm thick TrueSpace wall makes installation and inspection faster and easier.


The vertical posts are made of 2mm of galvanised steel with a special fastening system. This system allows all types of finishes to be used: metallic, HPL, Solid Surface Acrylic and glass. The metal substructure made with special FlexPosts allows the modular prefabrication system to be used in every surgical setting, including operating rooms, sterilisation areas, relaxation rooms, and ICU, first aid and radiology departments.

Antibacterial finishing panel

These panels are made with co laminated steel obtained through hot processing with polymer film charged with silver ions. The natural action of these agents inhibits the growth of germs and eliminates those already present.

Screw-less fastening system

A slide-in fastening system enables any qualified person to remove and install the partition panels very easily. A rack locking system allows fastening of the partition panels and accessories. The specially shaped hooks make the system

“self-centring” preserving the quality and tightness of the seals, preventing the unpleasant imperfections associated with traditional systems.

Self-Supporting system

The steel support structure is not fixed to the ceiling and is free standing, simplifying the installation of facility services above the ceiling.

Fast, thorough cleaning and efficient regulation of the exhaust air cabinets

The Exhaust air cabinet solution is achieved by using special single unit modules, which are positioned at 35°angles to the walls . A full height stainless steel collection cabinet is covered by a removable panel that can be placed at different heights to regulate the intake air capacity between the top and the bottom vents.

LightPaint concept module

The LightPaint concept module has been developed to provide maximum comfort inside healthcare spaces. A low power consumption glass module, designed for the TrueSpace Wall system, is equipped with an RGB light scatter. Using the LED lighting system you can use any shade of colour on your TrueSpace wall to create a unique and comfortable working environment.