Admiralty Medical Center Singapore


New Operational Block Admiralty Medical Center Singapore
Three new operating rooms

Type of construction: Operating Rooms
State of work: Completed
Date of completion: May 2017

In order to achieve the highest possible standards of Infection Control, the three new operating rooms at the purpose built Admiralty Medical Center in Singapore were constructed using the latest technology in anti-microbial finishes using TrueSpace prefabricated wall panels infused with silver ions to prevent the spread of bacteria and limit fungal growth on all surfaces. 

Each room features its own specific colour theme throughout including special doors which have high acoustic performance as well as being fitted with 2mm lead shielding to allow medical imaging within the rooms.

The room aesthetics were further enhanced with high definition digital images on tempered safety glass to complement the colour schemes and to provide a welcoming atmosphere for clinicians and staff.

To bring in the latest in imaging and integrated technology, each room has an array of large screen monitors integrated into the wall system and set behind glass panels for ease of cleaning  and to maintain the smooth, crevice free surfaces required in the modern operating theatre.