Irccs Neuromed, Mediterranean Neurological Institute – Isernia


New surgical block and ancillary rooms

Type of construction: Operating room and awakening and preparation area
State of work: Completed
Date of completion: December 2018

The prefabricated operating and the ancillary rooms room has been made with TrueSpace modular wall system. The operating room has Co-laminated galvanized steel 0,8mm thick with PVC antibacterial film finish shielded with lead sheet. Into these two operating rooms there are technical modules in different colors, glazed modules for the display monitors, glazed modules with high-resolution digital print inserts, airtight pre-coated steel false ceiling with inspection panels and compact LED ceiling lights.

Each operating room has a particular equipment like passbox, pass-through window in scotch brite steel and Digital LED clock and chronograph. The ancillary preparation and awakening rooms, the sub-sterilization and washing rooms for surgeons made with plasterboard walls are covered with PVC sheets and equipped with bedhead units.

Thanks to the experience of Operamed staff, it has been possible to optimize the layout of the rooms and to integrate brand new facilities and all the latest medical technologies available on the market.