San Marco Veterinary Clinic – Veggiano


San Marco Veterinary Clinic Veggiano
New Surgical Unit

Type of construction: Prefabrication of operating rooms and sterilization
State of work: Completed
Date of completion: March 2018

The San Marco Veterinary Clinic located near Padua is a center of excellence unique in Italy and with few equals in the rest of Europe. Operamed helped create the operating block that consists of four prefabricated operating rooms, a sterile connective corridor and sterilization rooms.

All these rooms have been built using the modular Operamed TrueSpace prefabrication system. For the wall finishing was chosen galvanized steel with antibacterial PVC film. Two operating rooms are also shielded against X-rays.

The automatic doors are made of HPL and the false ceiling is perfectly integrated both with the lighting system and with the air diffusers.

All the rooms have a laminar flow ceiling and a room is equipped to reach the ISO 5 air quality class.

The turnkey supply of the surgery rooms was completed with the installation of pendant systems, LED surgical lights and the latest video integration system with DICOM touchless Fluid image display.