Santa Croce Hospital – Moncalieri


Santa Croce Hospital MoncalieriNew Surgical Unit

Type of construction: Turnkey operating block, sterilization and endoscopy service
State of work: Completed
Date of completion: April 2018

Operamed for the Santa Croce Hospital in Moncalieri has restructured the new operating block consisting of three rooms of about 40 square meters, sterilization and the new endoscopy service with complete turnkey contract.

Thanks to the experience of the Operamed staff, it has been possible to optimize the layout of the rooms and to integrate in an existing building brand new facilities (mechanical, electrical and medical gas systems) and all the latest medical technologies available on the market

The prefabricated operating rooms with the TrueSpace modular system have been proposed with Corian DuPont finishing, the maximum in terms of quality, durability and ease of cleaning. In addition, in order to increase the comfort of staff and patients, decorative glass elements have been inserted with high-resolution digital printing that allow humanizing the spaces to make them more welcoming.

Two operating rooms have been equipped with ceiling-mounted air filtration systems that reach the ISO 5 class.

Each room is equipped with modular pendant units and latest-generation video integration systems with DICOM touchless Fluid image display.

RGB LED lighting and integrated ceiling modules with images that simulate windows open to the ceiling are used to increase the comfort of users in critical phases before and after surgery.

The sterilization and endoscopy services have also been completely updated and are now equipped with the latest technologies available on the market.