Villa del Pino Hospital – Naples Italy


Operating suite refurbishing

Type of construction: Modular Operation Suite
State of work: Completed
Date of completion: 2018
Owner: Casa di Cura Villa del Pino
Client: Casa di Cura Villa del Pino

Operating block refurbishing with prefabricated operating rooms cladding by TrueSpace modular walls.

The prefabricated operating rooms have been realized with co-laminated galvanized steel finished walls with antibacterial PCV film, the best in terms of quality, durability and easiness of cleaning.

Parts of the walls are enriched by decorated glass elements with high resolution digital printings.

Horizontal stainless steel diffusers have been installed due to a very small crawlspace between the false ceiling and the slab.

The furniture is completed by hermetic false ceiling, false ceiling integrated IP65 ceiling lights, SB stainless steel pass-through windows, manual and automatic hinged and sliding doors in Hpl with stainless steel doorframe.

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